2018 P3S Conference ~ Feb 12-14 ~ Riverside

45th Annual P3S Conference

Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Stormwater Conference
February 12-14th | Riverside Convention Center

Invite from the P3S Chair

Shannon Simmers, Chair, P3S Committee, City of Redlands

Building a Bridge to Cleaner Water
A bridge is not just an architectural wonder that commands the attention of those who travel over it. It is designed to reconcile different areas and bring them together. A  bridge also unites ideas and issues that once may have seemed miles apart and transforms them into something that doesn’t seem so different after all.

This notable configuration allows for the overcoming of obstacles that otherwise might be difficult to achieve by one’s own means Beneath that bridge is one of Earth’s greatest commodities and a major building block of life. The water that travels instinctively towards the ocean acts as a symbol of the tremendous efforts and dedication of many people.

It is amazing as you begin to understand that it is not just the Environmental Compliance Inspector, who goes out to industries to educate them on the importance of Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention. It is also regulators, district attorneys, lawyers, laboratory personnel, wastewater operators, collections system operators, and so many others that perform their job day in and day out. We all come from different aspects of water protection with one common goal, clean water.

As the CWEA P3S Executive Committee Chair, I respectfully invite you to join us for a remarkable event where discover how we can all be part of “Building a Bridge to Clean Water.”
Shannon Simmers
P3S Committee Chair



Sponsorship Opportunities

P3S18 sponsor levels:

  • Premier Partners
  • P3S Partners
  • Exhibit only
  • Plus a la carte promotional opportunities!

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Sponsorship Chair
Michael Placencia
[email protected]
City of Riverside

Sponsorship Chair
Katie Greenwood
[email protected]

Exhibits – CWEA Staff
Alec Mackie
Director of Communications & marketing
[email protected]
510-382-7800 x114

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