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Dear P3S Professional,

On behalf of CWEA and this year’s incredible conference planning committee, I am excited and honored to welcome you to our very first virtual P3S Conference.  Even though we are not able to meet in person this year, the quality and value of your P3S Conference will not be compromised.

Jennifer Peet, P3S Chair

Our world has been filled with changes since we last met in Long Beach – we have been on a roller coaster complicated by the fact that we do not know what the track looks like in front of us.  For some of us this has been a time of growth and reflection, for many of us this has been a time filled with disappointments, and for all of us this has been a lesson in adaptation and an opportunity to reconnect to the little things in life we may have forgotten about.

When I think about this year and how it has affected us in our roles as wastewater professionals one word comes to mind: “perseverance”, which is defined by Oxford English Dictionary as “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success”.   It is this persistence that allows us to maintain our course regardless of the many directions that we are pushed and pulled in each day – we must steer through the politics and changing regulations and balance the needs of our businesses, customers, and citizens while at the same time continuing to protect our environment and ensure proper wastewater treatment – and when we get knocked off our course we adapt and continue the work we share as wastewater professionals.

None of us have gone untouched by the changes that have occurred this past year . . . not in our professional lives and not in our personal lives.  But in these uncertain times we have continued to come together and rise to the challenge of protecting California’s most critical resource – clean water.

I leave you with something to remember:

Individually we are one drop, collectively we are an ocean, and together we are an unstoppable force navigating the path to cleaner water.


Jennifer Peet

CWEA P3S Committee Chair

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