2022 P3S Conference is Jan 31 to Feb 2 in Long Beach

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Hyatt Regency Long Beach
By Theodore Higgins, P3S Committee Chair

Greetings Clean Water Professionals,

On behalf of CWEA and this year’s P3S Executive and Conference Planning Committees, I am truly honored and thrilled to invite you to the 2022 Pretreatment, Pollution Prevention and Stormwater (P3S) Conference, January 31st to February 2nd in Long Beach.

This year we’re pivoting back to an in-person meeting. We have heard from our members that they miss the in-person experience. Spending time with our peers and colleagues is exciting and inspiring.

There has always been a certain energy, excitement, and renewal of our purpose as clean water professionals when we get together. I encourage you all to find a way to participate in this conference and encourage your peers, colleagues, and co-workers to do the same.

Through connection and collaboration, the P3S Committee continues to promote professional and technical excellence in the field of water pollution source control, including pretreatment, pollution prevention, and stormwater, through education and training.

This exciting conference will provide:

  • Educational and networking opportunities,
  • Engage with others from public agencies, community organizations, and academia
  • Unite our professional community as we seek to create a  healthier environment for everyone

The conference theme is Still on the Path to Clean Water – Celebrating the 50th year of the Clean Water Act. 

2022 marks the 50thanniversary of the 1972 Clean Water Act (CWA), one of our nation’s most significant environmental laws. Prior to this law, our waterways were overwhelmed by the impacts of toxic waste, heavy metals and sewage released from manufacturing and other industrial sources.

This year we will reflect on the impacts of the Act and the necessity to join together and continue pressing forward.

As we are “Still on the Path to Clean Water” our profession will continue to face challenges. We all bring different experiences to the table and I look forward to seeing how we build on that experience to grow and move into the future.

Please consider getting involved in the P3S Committee. We’d love to welcome you to the Committee breakfast meeting on Wednesday morning and get started on your own path to becoming a clean water leader.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference!


Theodore Higgins

CWEA P3S Committee Chair
City of Los Angeles/LA Sanitation and Environment

P3S Conference Committee

  • Theodore Higgins, P3S Chair, LA Sanitation and Environment
  • Wendy Hsiao, Program Lead, City of Burbank
  • Susan Hiestand, Opening Session Lead, Silicon Valley Clean Water
  • Shannon Simmers, Social Lead, City of Redlands
  • Casey Fitzgerald Awards Co-Lead, City of San José
  • Stephen Sealy, Awards Co-Lead, LACSD
  • Edwin Alonzo, City of Fontana
  • Berlinda Blackburn City of Coachella
  • John Boyd, Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
  • Alina Constantinescu, Grant Program Lead, Larry Walker Associates
  • William Edwards, City of Vacaville
  • Mary Morse, FOG Workshop Co-Lead, City of San José
  • Joe Jenkins, FOG Workshop Co-Lead, EEC
  • Jennifer Peet, Past P3S Committee Chair, City of Livermore Water Resources Division
  • Michael Placencia, City of Riverside
  • Jonathon Powell, OC San

Exhibitor and Sponsor Information

Nicole Agnone
Exhibit & Sponsorship Manager

510.382.7800 x 115
[email protected]

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